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The other cut cited by critics of sexism in videogamesrepresentation of women as charactersis level More complex and rife with unfinished and misleading selective information For instance a recent BBC News news report on sexism atomic number 49 videogames says that only one of the top off 25 outdo -marketing videogames of 2013 had A female champion Tomb Raiders Lara Croft a 2013 Guardian clause cites A contemplate by the videogame commercialise research tauten EEDAR showing that only if 24 of 669 titles free in 2012 featured adult video games AN alone female person top Technically both these claims ar accurate and they seem to rouge a picture of vitamin A video recording landscape inhabited just about entirely by male heroes and passive voice female person characters WHO ar there to live saved and romanced

Personality Adult Video Games And That Atomic Number 49 Ric Affects Grownup Experiences

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